Aris Engel (1946)

I have been interested in graphics for many years, and practising it seriously since the 90's . I am, for the most part, self-taught: finding and trying things out for myself. Beside that I have also been guided by Anton Homan and Bienette Moraal for a few years.
I also participate in a group of graphic artists led by Monique van Haasteren. The exchanging of ideas, techniques and possibilities is a central theme as well as looking at and discussing each others’ work.
The beauty of etching is that it is both hard work and, at the same time, calming: it is not possible to be thinking of other things if one wants to etch well. Although there are many things that one can steer, tweak and play with during the whole process, the final result remains a surprise. After one or more test runs and much consideration, a print is made that can be more or less successful. Sometimes it works in one go and at others no amount of sweat seems to give a satisfactory result.
I have primarily worked with “rubbish” in the form of an old gutter and similar materials made of zinc or other metal during the last few years. In the search for the right form, colour and style I let myself be guided by more or less vague impressions and associations that the material or printed image evokes in me. Other treatments like sanding, filing, dry point, bending, hammering it flat, sawing and drilling then follow. By working and playing with it, the final print eventually arises, the etching.
You can see the traces of my journeys to India in some of my prints which combine both relief and intaglio techniques.
Another group of printings is the product of the cylce trip along the Northsea. In the spring of 2013 I used here also .relief printing techniques.
In later years I worked besides intaglio also with relief (wood); material relief techniques, monotypes and with combinations of this; using all kinds of materials including plants and rubbish


Kunst In het Kerkje Velp(NBr)  5,6,7,8 en 13.14.15 may  solo
Graphic meeting Borken ( Dld /Germ)  4 - 6 march 2022
Kunstschouw Schouwen Duiveland  art route  11-19 june 2022

Kunstkijk 2021 Goeree art route  13-16 may replaced 5-8 aug.
3Oever festival 10-12 sept. art route
K 26  Oss 23sept - 31 oct  group
Grafisch Atelier Leeuwarden 8 -31 oct Novene 40x40 ngroup
Pakhuis Cuijk    23 - 24 oct solo 

Borken and Kunstschouw cancelled

Grafiekbeurs Borken (Dld) 28 febr - 1 march
Pakhuis Cuijk  14-15 en 21-22 march                              Corona cancelled
Kunstkijk 2020 Goeree art route 20  - 24 may                  Corona cancelled
Kunstschouw Schouwen Duiveland art route 12 - 21 june  Corona cancelled
Kapel Notre Dame des Arts  Ubbergen sat. sun. september solo
Small Graphic 25 spots Garnizoenskerk Ravenstein last 2 weekends oct.  group

Graphic meeting Borken (Dld / Germ) 8-10 march
Holthees Smakt art route 30 may - 2 june
Angerloo Galluskerk 16 june - 14 july  sunday 13 -16 hr  trio
Petershuis Gennep 9 nov - 8 dec  solo

Kunst in het Kerkje Velp-Grave  8 and 9 sept. trio
Kruithuis Den Bosch 27 april - 27 may  group
Galerie Studio 28 Apeldoorn 5 may - 27 may solo

Kunstschouw SchouwenDuiveland 16 - 25 june  Location Burgh
Holthees art route 25 - 28 may
Artfair Kasteel Geldrop  18 - 19 march
Grafic meeting exchange  Borken  (Dld/ Ger) 3-5 march
Kunstation Uden 13 jan. - 20 febr.  trio

Kunst en Ontmoeting Mill 10-11, 17-18 sept.
Grafic meeting exchange  Borken (Dld/Ger)  4-6 march

Holthees  art route   14 - 17 may
Grafic meeting exchange   Borken ( Dld)  27 febr. - 1 march
exposition participant Rene Carcan at  Museum Belvue Brussel 5 febr - 22  march
Galerie Roba St Hubert  1 - 22  febr.  group
Kunst in het Kerkje Velp-Grave  17 jan - 1 febr.  solo  Black and White   and a Colour

International grafic price Rene Carcan
Grachtengalerie Utrecht   oct -  dec.   Group:  Zwart Wit (Black - White)
Kunstgroep de Compagnie   CHV complex  Veghel    may  solo

Acropolis - Megen  (2013)  group
Kunst 227 - Amsterdam  (2013). group
De Franse Pastorie - Cussy - en - Morvan  Fr.  (2012) solo   
Raadhuis - Ravenstein (2012)  solo 
Galerie Plein 7 - Amsterdam (2012) ; (2013)   groupexhibition
Gluren bij de Buren 2011  - L’Espace Découpé  Velp (Gld)  nov - dec  trio
Koningskerkje - Vierlingsbeek (2011)  duo
Hallgate Gallery - Hexam - Gr Br.  group (2010)
Regionale en Nationale Kunstdag(2010)
Kunstroute Mill  group (2010)
Deelnemer Vierkante Ei (2009)
Galerie de Pronkkoamer – Saaxumhuizen (2006)  trio ( 2011) trio
Het KunstKerkje – Velp NBr.(2005)  solo (2012) solo ; (2015) solo
de Vereniging – Nijmegen (2003)  group
Kasteel Tongelaar – Mill (2001) solo; (2011) duo
NIVON huis Morgenrood – Oisterwijk (2000) duo

Various works have been bought by private individuals.